Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been dabbling more into the video world these days. My buddy Matthew Caron called me up and asked if I could assist him on a music video shoot for this hip hop group called Children of The Night which was neat because the legendary Large Professor made a cameo appearance.  It was exciting watching Matt in action and learning techniques on shooting video.

(You can check out some of the behind the scenes images I took while on set on my photo blog:

The next day after that shoot I took on my own music video shoot.  I shot a music video called "Bitch I'm Posh" for my friend Destiny who goes by the name Wavy Spice.  The theme was drag queen esque.  This is a sneak peek of our day on location shooting:

I was beat by the end of the shoot but had to rush home to get ready for the photo exhibit I was showing in.  It was already 7pm and the show had already begun I decided to grab a bite to eat before I headed to the Mishka store.  While I was eating I gotta phone call from Royce (the curator) and 20 minutes into the show I had already sold one of my photos so that was exciting.  I was also surprised a bunch of friends I hadn't seen since high school showed up.  I was definitely honored to be in the same show as Don art director of The Source Magazine since I was his photo intern freshmen year of college.  Both of my images in the exhibit had sentimental value so sharing the stories behind my images had to be my favorite part about interacting with people who came to see the show. As my first photo exhibit in New York City it will be one to remember.  

Royce & I 

I'm full of accomplishments and my creativity is heavily being energized through collaborations with other creatively inclined people whether it be friends or family.  I'm gonna keep pushin'....

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