Monday, April 30, 2012

I decided to keep a online journal to brainstorm new ideas and see development and progress with my latest projects.

So, I've recently moved back home (New York).  Trying to get myself together.  Pretty much left Texas with no real plan and 20 bucks in my pocket.  Things are going smoothly so far.  I've been spending my days preparing for summer and trying to get my ass back in to college and set up some kinda structure for myself.  Don't wanna be a drunken mess this summer.  I was invited to be apart of a group photo exhibit at the Mishka Store this month which I'm totally excited about.

It's been real motivating and inspiring to work with my aunt, fashion photographer Chayo Mata ( I recently assisted her on a photo shoot for Prop Haus as a second shooter. It's always a amazing experience shooting side by side with my tia chayo her passion for photography is so strong.

Behind the scenes during the prop haus shoot:

Tia Chayo doing what she does best

Shooting letters

Reviewing images

Jeanie art directing 

For being back in New York for only a week and a half I'd say things are taking off to a good start!