Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've become a WORKAHOLIC! When I'm not working at the Sunshine Theater or Celebrate Brooklyn's concert series I'm working on freelance video gigs.  This week I'm shooting Mayhem Laurens in store performance for Mishka NYC.  It's exciting to actually get paid for a video gig of a musician that I actually like.  Thanks Matt for referring me to shoot!

I guess the pressure of work and life obstacles has driven me to feeling a bit on the edge and sick.  My tonsils are swollen and my equilibrium is outta wack.  I guess its time to stop procrastinating and apply for health insurance I needed to get sick in order to force myself to go and do it.  Hopefully I recover quickly because I have no time for feeling low.

Check out Mayhem Laurens music video 'Got The Fever' to get a taste of whats in store of the in store performance I'm going to be covering and shooting:

Friday, June 29, 2012


I have not had a moment to stop working since I landed in NYC.  The energy and vibe of life and creativity around me is incredible.  It's a fact the more you surround yourself with creative people the more you continue to strive for whatever it is you're hungry for.

Summer has also just begun with a high of 95 degrees today! I woke up to an e-mail this morning from Blood of The Young Zine they are a photo zine based out of Canada they've posted a bunch of my images are there website before but never thought they'd be interested in publishing a zine dedicated to my images.  I'm super stoked to collaborate with them! It's really exciting should be out by the end of summer. 

College, fall semester is around the corner but before that even begins my photo professor forwarded me a study abroad photo grant which includes a flight/board paid to Chile so I gotta go through this intensive application fingers crossed this happens, fuck that I'm gonna make it happen!

In other news I've been djing once a month on my friend Matt's radio show Bim Bam Boom on East Village Radio.  This month we had the idea to special guests again featuring special guests Large Professor who recently released his third album called Large @ Pro and produced a bunch of music from Nas illmatic to the list goes on...

If you missed the show you can tune in to the archives online:


Behind the scenes morning radio on EVR:


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I remember our middle school days asking each other whether we would still be best friends when we graduate college.  The day has come for two of my best friends the two sisters I always wanted.  They have impacted my life on so many levels and I want to thank you guys for always being there through the thick and thin.  I'm so proud of you guys you motivate me to continue through my own journey of knowledge.  Success to Maria & Teena! Love you.

(Photography by Destiny Mata)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been dabbling more into the video world these days. My buddy Matthew Caron called me up and asked if I could assist him on a music video shoot for this hip hop group called Children of The Night which was neat because the legendary Large Professor made a cameo appearance.  It was exciting watching Matt in action and learning techniques on shooting video.

(You can check out some of the behind the scenes images I took while on set on my photo blog: http://www.clanofmonkeys.blogspot.com)

The next day after that shoot I took on my own music video shoot.  I shot a music video called "Bitch I'm Posh" for my friend Destiny who goes by the name Wavy Spice.  The theme was drag queen esque.  This is a sneak peek of our day on location shooting:

I was beat by the end of the shoot but had to rush home to get ready for the photo exhibit I was showing in.  It was already 7pm and the show had already begun I decided to grab a bite to eat before I headed to the Mishka store.  While I was eating I gotta phone call from Royce (the curator) and 20 minutes into the show I had already sold one of my photos so that was exciting.  I was also surprised a bunch of friends I hadn't seen since high school showed up.  I was definitely honored to be in the same show as Don art director of The Source Magazine since I was his photo intern freshmen year of college.  Both of my images in the exhibit had sentimental value so sharing the stories behind my images had to be my favorite part about interacting with people who came to see the show. As my first photo exhibit in New York City it will be one to remember.  

Royce & I 

I'm full of accomplishments and my creativity is heavily being energized through collaborations with other creatively inclined people whether it be friends or family.  I'm gonna keep pushin'....

Monday, May 14, 2012


This past week has been beautiful.  I'm truly blessed to be around family and close friends.  Being back in New York has given me so much energy to keep going whether it be taking photos making videos drawing writing whatever it may be I'm seeing what I need to see to continue my path to helping humanity.

I'm in a group photo exhibit this week at the Mishka Store called Stolen Souls.  Believe me preparing for a exhibition is stressful.  I was having so many issues with printing and freaking out about how much everything was gonna cost from the prints to the mounting to the framing.  Thing worked out as they usually do but I need to learn how to relax.  While having dinner with my aunt and her boyfriend I was telling her about my problems getting my prints made and her boyfriend brought up a friend of his who prints all his work from home.  I'm telling you having this conversation led me to getting my prints made by a amazing photographer thank you Dane Shitagi you made my life a whole lot easier and less frustrating.

Check out his photo work called The Ballerina Project the photographs are breath taking: http://ballerinaproject.com/


The Flyer to Mishka's Stolen Souls Photo Exhibit:

In other news last thursday my buddy Matthew Caron who goes by the name YOUR FRIEND MATTHEW videographer/dj at East Village Radio invited me to dj for an hour so me and Doper Jones took over East Village Radio.  He also wrote a really nice bio about me on there website along with Doper Jones hooking up the artwork for our dj set called Professionally Unprofessional.

You can listen to our set here: http://www.eastvillageradio.com/content/content.php?id=3776&fb_source=message

Photos from East Village Radio GOOD TIMES!






Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Been keeping myself busy lately.  This past week has been craze assisted my aunty on a cook book photo shoot that turned out to be a 17 hour shoot, it was intense but learned a thing or two about lighting food. Definitely don't wanna specialize in food photography.

I also randomly got a phone call from the Sunshine Theater which I totally forgot I had applied too so that was a nice surprise.  Went on a interview yesterday gotta good feeling about it so hopefully that follows through, free movies and popcorn I"M WITH IT!

I haven't been in the mood to take photos but today I went for my morning walk with my dog pritz and saw these giant puddles of buildings and had the urge to finally pick up my camera and start snapping away.

& this is what I captured:

Monday, April 30, 2012

I decided to keep a online journal to brainstorm new ideas and see development and progress with my latest projects.

So, I've recently moved back home (New York).  Trying to get myself together.  Pretty much left Texas with no real plan and 20 bucks in my pocket.  Things are going smoothly so far.  I've been spending my days preparing for summer and trying to get my ass back in to college and set up some kinda structure for myself.  Don't wanna be a drunken mess this summer.  I was invited to be apart of a group photo exhibit at the Mishka Store this month which I'm totally excited about.

It's been real motivating and inspiring to work with my aunt, fashion photographer Chayo Mata (chayomata.net) I recently assisted her on a photo shoot for Prop Haus as a second shooter. It's always a amazing experience shooting side by side with my tia chayo her passion for photography is so strong.

Behind the scenes during the prop haus shoot:

Tia Chayo doing what she does best

Shooting letters

Reviewing images

Jeanie art directing 

For being back in New York for only a week and a half I'd say things are taking off to a good start!