Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've become a WORKAHOLIC! When I'm not working at the Sunshine Theater or Celebrate Brooklyn's concert series I'm working on freelance video gigs.  This week I'm shooting Mayhem Laurens in store performance for Mishka NYC.  It's exciting to actually get paid for a video gig of a musician that I actually like.  Thanks Matt for referring me to shoot!

I guess the pressure of work and life obstacles has driven me to feeling a bit on the edge and sick.  My tonsils are swollen and my equilibrium is outta wack.  I guess its time to stop procrastinating and apply for health insurance I needed to get sick in order to force myself to go and do it.  Hopefully I recover quickly because I have no time for feeling low.

Check out Mayhem Laurens music video 'Got The Fever' to get a taste of whats in store of the in store performance I'm going to be covering and shooting: